Saturday, Apr 1, 2023 @ 9:30 PM • $10.00

Step right up! Please, move in closer, fill up all available space. You there! Have you experienced... the Menagerie? Ah, yes, the Menagerie! A late-night jubilee of comedy like none other. Three acts, scarcely if ever seen before, possibly never to be seen again. An extravaganza of ephemera, a carnival of creativity, a festival of phantasmagoria! Intrigued? You know you are. Right this way...

April's coterie includes:

Some Assembly Required: Watch us assemble an improv show how most people assemble IKEA furniture: asking for help at the start, utterly confused in the middle, and missing a screw by the end. Starring Sam Estep, Melissa Jeske, Arianne Joson, Andrea Kiss, Bill Krausmann, Drew Moses, AJ Ralston, and Karen White.

The Absent-Minded Professor: An Improvised Lecture: Professor Sarah is here to give a lecture on... something... you decide what you want to learn today! The Professor will tell you whatever she knows about it and make up the rest. Because knowing is half the battle. And the other half is bull--I mean, improv! Starring Sarah Schultz.

Sad Boi Smooches: 
A bunch of sad friends doing sad improv because they're so sad. (Not like actually sad, it'll be funny, but also sad.) Starring Sydney DuBose, Donald Green, Alyssa Tomasella, and John Vadas, accompanied by Annie Schneller.

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